Economic Development

The city of Woodbury must continue to work with business leaders to support current employers while working to attract new businesses to the area. It is vital that the city listen to the concerns of the business community and use this information in making planning decisions. The diverse set of businesses in Woodbury also makes up a crucial commercial tax base that must continue to grow in order to keep residential property taxes low. The city of Woodbury must remain an environment that supports high quality employers that provide jobs to Woodbury residents.

I am running for City Council in order to be a part of the decisions impacting Woodbury’s economic future and to work to foster continued economic growth. As a longtime Woodbury resident, I have observed positive economic growth throughout the city for many years. As a member of the City Council, I will work to see this growth continue. I will strive to develop innovative planning decisions that prioritize positive future growth in Woodbury.

Managed growth

Woodbury has won numerous honors as a great place to live in and to raise children.  Much of this success is due to its history of promoting carefully managed growth to build a community with diverse housing types, planned commercial growth, and open spaces for recreational use. As an 11-year Woodbury resident whose children attended Woodbury schools, I feel that the city must work to maintain its quality of life while prioritizing managed growth.

While serving on the Woodbury Planning Commission, I supported the continued practice of managed growth to make sure that the city plans for affordable housing, interconnected neighborhoods, public safety, and planned developments that attract and build an environment for successful economic growth.

Families and Youth

Families and youth in Woodbury are the present and future of the city. Development in Woodbury must be conscious of the amenities and services that meet the needs of families. The city must support development that ensures that current families in Woodbury have their needs met while also looking to attract new families to the many new neighborhoods in the area. During my time on the Planning Commission, I had the opportunity to participate in the approval of some of these new neighborhoods such as Stone Mill Farms, Ashton Ridge, Compass Pointe, and Bailey Lakes. As a member of the City Council, I will be committed to listening to the needs of families in the community and I will work to prioritize their needs.


Woodbury is a flourishing community because it has a mix of different types of housing including single family, affordable, and high-density multi-family. I support planning that continues to accommodate a mix of housing that provides options for different family sizes, singles, senior citizens, and people with different income levels. The city needs to be able to adapt its plans to appeal to future residents and include options for affordable housing and senior living facilities.


The Twin Cities are seeing demographic changes that will affect the types of development and services needed for the future. The proportion of senior citizens is increasing and the population as a whole is growing more culturally and economically diverse. Woodbury needs to ensure that it will adapt to the changes and remain a community that addresses future housing needs, employment access, and provision of city services that will be required.

Elder Care

Woodbury must be committed to policies that provide for quality elder care facilities and housing options to ensure that the needs of residents are met at all stages of life. As a member of the Planning Commission, I supported the construction of Prelude of Woodbury, Views at City Walk, and Saint Therese of Woodbury. I am pleased to see these projects built and now providing key services to the aging population in Woodbury.  As a City Council member, I will continue to support the development of a diverse set of services for our aging population.  I believe these services are vital to ensuring aging residents of Woodbury are able to stay in the community that they are comfortable in and may have lived in for many years.


While serving on the Woodbury Planning Commission, I supported the planning of roads to provide safe and convenient access to destinations and neighborhoods, while minimizing congestion. I support the need to maintain or replace city roadways, so that road surfaces stay in satisfactory condition. As a member of the city council, I would recommend that city leaders work with neighboring communities and public agencies to improve connections to the city, by addressing traffic levels and congestion on interconnecting roadways and highway interchanges.

During the next few years, Woodbury will need to participate in decisions that will significantly affect the future of transportation for the city and the East Metro. Several of the proposed routes for the Gateway Corridor Gold Line BRT from downtown St. Paul would terminate at locations within Woodbury. As a member of the City Council, I would listen to the input of Woodbury stakeholders to make sure that the final plans properly fit into the current infrastructure and address the needs of residents and commercial areas.

I support maintaining and expanding Express Bus service to Minneapolis and St. Paul to provide access to jobs during rush hours and to extend service throughout the day and evening. I would also support the addition of connector bus routes, where appropriate, to provide alternative transportation options to link residents to employment opportunities, and to provide convenient access to local businesses.

Water resourcescolby-lake-park-bench

Clean water resources are becoming more precious due to the increasing demands of population growth in the Twin Cities metro area. Woodbury relies on clean ground water from deep aquifers that are being depleted at a faster rate than nature can replace. I support the efforts of Woodbury to proactively address this problem and develop early solutions to ensure that adequate clean water will be available far into the future.